It's a pleasure to meet you!

There is so much more that goes into the look you wear for your event than simply looking at a photo and trying to recreate it. Your look should be unique to you, it should be a reflection of your taste. My goal is to bring out all your best qualities---it's to make you look in the mirror and light up. If you choose Black Swan Beauty, I will get to know your preferences and dislikes and create a look that is all you.

My name is Veronica and there's nothing I love more than making people feel their most beautiful. 


I knew by the age of 13, without a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted to do hair and makeup for a living. My passion developed into a career in the beauty industry that began in 2012, where I got my first taste for bridal and special event hair and makeup. And I fell head over heels in love with that aspect of the industry. I developed a thirst for continuing education that has continued over the years, and as the beauty industry develops and changes, I've taught myself to adapt and change with it. 

Let's create something beautiful together!

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